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2016Manufacturing and coating of optical components for the EnMAP hyperspectral imager
Schürmann, M.; Gäbler, D.; Schlegel, R.; Schwinde, S.; Peschel, T.; Damm, C.; Jende, R.; Kinast, J.; Müller, S.; Beier, M.; Risse, S.; Sang, B.; Glier, M.; Bittner, H.; Erhard, M.
Conference Paper
1994Environmental analysis with the FT-IR system K 300: Examples and results
Eisenmann, T.; Mosebach, H.; Bittner, H.; Erhard, M.; Resch, M.; Schäfer, K.; Haus, R.
Conference Paper
1994Mobile Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy monitoring of air pollution
Haus, R.; Schäfer, K.; Bautzer, W.; Mosebach, H.; Bittner, H.; Eisenmann, T.
Journal Article
1993Remote sensing of smoke stack emissions using a mobile environmental laboratory
Mosebach, H.; Eisemann, T.; Schulz-Spahr, Y.; Neureither, I.; Bittner, H.; Rippel, H.; Schäfer, K.; Wehner, D.; Haus, R.
Conference Paper
1993Selected applications of remote sensing measurements with the double pendulum interferometer in Germany with special consideration of quality assurance aspects
Eisenmann, T.; Mosebach, H.; Bittner, H.; Resch, M.; Haus, R.; Schäfer, K.
Conference Paper
1992Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy of air pollution by a mobile system
Haus, R.; Schäfer, K.; Bittner, H.; Mosebach, H.; Wehner, D.
Conference Paper
1992Remote sensing of air pollution by mobile fourier-transform-spectroscopy. Modelling and first results of measurements
Haus, R.; Schäfer, K.; Wehner, D.; Bittner, H.; Mosebach, H.
Conference Paper