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2019Destroying weed seeds with exhaust gas from a combine harvester
Bitarafan, Zahra; Glasner, Christoph; Fenselau, Johanna; Andreasen, Christian
Conference Paper
2019Evaluation of new harvesting methods to reduce weeds on arable fields and collect a new feedstock
Glasner, Christoph; Vieregge, Christopher; Robert, Josef; Fenselau, Johanna; Bitarafan, Zahra; Andreasen, Christian
Journal Article
2018Adaptions of harvesting methods and concepts in order to reduce weeds on agricultural fields and to gain potentially a so far unexploited biomass feedstock
Glasner, Christoph; Andreasen, Christian; Vieregge, Christopher; Dikiy, Alexander; Fenselau, Johanna; Bitarafan, Zahra; Shumilina, Elena
Conference Paper
2018Exploiting waste heat from combine harvesters to damage harvested weed seeds and reduce weed infestation
Andreasen, Christian; Bitarafan, Zahra; Fenselau, Johanna; Glasner, Christoph
Journal Article