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2021Comparison of Aqueous- and Non-aqueous-based Binder Polymers and the Mixing Ratios for Zn//MnO2 Batteries with Mildly Acidic Aqueous Electrolytes
Fitz, O.; Ingenhoven, S.; Bischoff, C.; Gentischer, H.; Birke, K.P.; Saracsan, D.; Biro, D.
Journal Article
2020Revealing the Local pH Value Changes of Acidic Aqueous Zinc Ion Batteries with a Manganese Dioxide Electrode during Cycling
Bischoff, C.F.; Fitz, O.S.; Burns, J.; Bauer, M.; Gentischer, H.; Birke, K.P.; Henning, H.-M.; Biro, D.
Journal Article