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2016Energieeffiziente Herstellung komplexer Hochleistungsfaserverbundbauteile mittels Pultrusion, In-Line Flechten, Blasumformung und Endbearbeitung (PulForm)
: Bezerra, Renato
2016Modelling and simulation of the pultrusion process with closed injection and impregnation molds
Bezerra, R.; Henning, F.
Conference Paper
2015Detection and modelling of thermal and rheological transitions of a 2-step-curing thermoset using dielectric and standard measuring techniques
Chaloupka, A.; Bezerra, R.; Madaksira, V.; Taha, I.; Rudolph, N.M.
Conference Paper
2015Manufacturing of complex shape composite parts through the combination of pull-braiding and blow moulding
Bezerra, R.; Wilhelm, F.; Strauß, S.; Ahlborn, H.
Conference Paper
2014Compressibility and permeability of fiber reinforcements for pultrusion
Bezerra, R.; Wilhelm, F.; Henning, F.
Conference Paper
2014Pultrusion of flax/poly(lactic acid) commingled yarns and nonwoven fabrics
Linganiso, L.Z.; Bezerra, R.; Bhat, S.; John, M.; Braeuning, R.; Anandjiwala, R.D.
Journal Article