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2019Comparative analysis of plant-based high-protein ingredients and their impact on quality of high-protein bread
Hoehnel, Andrea; Axel, Claudia; Bez, Jürgen; Arendt, Elke K.; Zannini, Emanuele
Journal Article
2019Membrane filtration and isoelectric precipitation technological approaches for the preparation of novel, functional and sustainable protein isolate from lentils
Alonso-Miravalles, Loreto; Jeske, Stephanie; Bez, Jürgen; Detzel, Andreas; Busch, Mirjam; Krueger, Martina; Wriessnegger, Clara Larissa; O'Mahony, James A.; Zannini, Emanuele; Arendt, Elke K.
Journal Article
2014Tasty and healthy gluten-free bakery products and pasta
Bez, Jürgen
Journal Article
2013Starch properties, in vitro digestibility and sensory evaluation of fresh egg pasta produced from oat, teff and wheat flour
Hager, A.-S.; Czerny, Michael; Bez, Jürgen; Zannini, E.; Arendt, E.K.
Journal Article
2012Improvement of the Aroma of Pea (Pisum sativum) Protein Extracts by Lactic Acid Fermentation
Schindler, Sabrina; Zelena, Kateryna; Krings, Ulrich; Bez, Jürgen; Eisner, Peter; Berger, Ralf Günter
Journal Article
2012Investigation of product quality, sensory profile and ultrastructure of breads made from a range of commercial gluten-free flours compared to their wheat counterparts
Hager, Anna-Sophie; Wolter, Anika; Czerny, Mariko; Bez, Jürgen; Zannini, Emanuele; Arendt, Elke K.; Czerny, Michael
Journal Article
2011Can protein functionalities be enhanced by high-pressure homogenization? - A study on functional properties of lupin proteins
Bader, Stephanie; Bez, Jürgen; Eisner, Peter
Journal Article, Conference Paper