Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Two-Staged Acoustic Modeling Adaption for Robust Speech Recognition by the Example of German Oral History Interviews
Gref, Michael; Schmidt, Christoph Andreas; Behnke, Sven; Köhler, Joachim
Conference Paper
2016Robust extrinsic calibration of multiple stationary laser range finders
Quenzel, J.; Papenberg, N.; Behnke, S.
Conference Paper
2015Dense real-time mapping of object-class semantics from RGB-D video
Stückler, J.; Waldvogel, B.; Schulz, H.; Behnke, S.
Journal Article
2015Multi-resolution surfel maps for efficient dense 3D modeling and tracking
Stückler, J.; Behnke, S.
Journal Article
2014Approximate triangulation and region growing for efficient segmentation and smoothing of range images
Holz, D.; Behnke, S.
Journal Article
2014Nonlinear model-based position control for quadrotor UAVs
Beul, M.; Worst, R.; Behnke, S.
Conference Paper
2014Omnidirectional Perception for Lightweight MAVs using a Continuously Rotating 3D Laser Scanner
Droeschel, D.; Holz, D.; Behnke, S.
Journal Article
2014pystruct - Learning Structured Prediction in Python
Müller, A.; Behnke, S.
Journal Article
2013Analysis of grey scale distribution does not disclose a typical pattern in substantia nigra hyperechogenicity
Behnke, S.; Tretbar, S.; Kleffner, B.; Bost, W.; Fournelle, M.
2013Distinctive 3D surface entropy features for place recognition
Fiolka, T.; Stückler, J.; Klein, D.A.; Schulz, D.; Behnke, S.
Conference Paper
2013Efficient transmission and rendering of RGB-D views
Riaz, Z.; Linder, T.; Behnke, S.; Worst, R.; Surmann, H.
Conference Paper
2013Fast 6D odometry based on visual features and depth
Dominguez, Salvador; Zalama, Eduardo; Garcia-Bermejo, Jaime Gomez; Worst, Rainer; Behnke, Sven
Conference Paper
2013Stairs detection and modelling using RGB-D images
Elmasry, Moataz
: Behnke, Sven; Steinhage, Volker
2012Detection and simulation of dangerous human crowd behavior
Krausz, Barbara
: Bauckhage, C.; Behnke, S.
2012Place recognition using surface entropy features
Fiolka, T.; Stückler, J.; Klein, D.A.; Schulz, D.; Behnke, S.
Conference Paper
2012Semantic mapping using object-class segmentation of RGB-D images
Stückler, Jörg; Biresev, Nenad; Behnke, Sven
Conference Paper
2012SURE: Surface entropy for distinctive 3D features
Fiolka, T.; Stückler, J.; Klein, D.A.; Schulz, D.; Behnke, S.
Conference Paper
2011Efficient multi-resolution plane segmentation of 3D-point clouds
Oehler, B.; Stückler, J.; Welle, J.; Schulz, D.; Behnke, S.
Conference Paper
2011Exploration strategies for building compact maps in unbounded environments
Nieuwenhuisen, M.; Schulz, D.; Behnke, S.
Conference Paper
2010Fast 3D perception for collision avoidance and SLAM in domestic environments
Holz, D.; Droeschel, D.; Behnke, S.; May, S.; Surmann, H.
Book Article
2009Robust ego-motion estimation with ToF cameras
Dröschel, D.; May, S.; Holz, D.; Plöger, P.-G.; Behnke, S.
Conference Paper