Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018A cloud-based architecture for an interoperable, resilient, and scalable C2 information system
Bau, Nico; Endres, Sven; Gerz, Michael; Gökgöz, Fahrettin
Conference Paper
2018A newsfeed for C2 situational awareness
Schmitz, Hans-Christian; Bau, Nico; Endres, Sven; Gerz, Michael; Käthner, Sylvia; Mück, Daniel
Conference Paper
2017Shared information space. A solution outline for a global information grid
Angelstorf, Fabian; Apelt, Stefan; Bau, Nico; Jansen, Norman; Käthner, Sylvia
Conference Paper
2016Approach towards application of commercial off-the-shelf internet of things devices in the military domain
Pradhan, M.; Gökgöz, F.; Bau, N.; Ota, D.
Conference Paper
2015The MIP information model - a semantic reference for Command & Control
Gerz, M.; Mulikita, M.; Bau, N.; Gökgöz, F.
Conference Paper
2014MIM NIEM Options Analysis: Report to the NATO Data Management Syndicate of the Information and Integrated Services Capability Team
ONeill, D.; Klucznik, F.; Burkhart, L.; Connelly, I.; Roberts, W.; Beck, G.; Gerz, M.; Bau, N.
2012A platform-independent reference data model for a future interoperability solution
Gerz, M.; Bau, N.
Conference Paper
2011Managing complex interoperability solutions using model-driven architecture
Gerz, M.; Bau, N.; Loaiza, F.; Wartik, S.
Conference Paper