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2017Reliability investigation on SiC based diode and MOSFET modules developed for high power conversion in medical X-ray applications
Otto, A.; Dudek, R.; Rzepka, S.; Abo Ras, M.; Essen, T. von; Bast, M.; Hindel, A.; Eisele, R.; Mueter, U.; Lunding, A.
Conference Paper
2015"LaTIMA" an innovative test stand for thermal and electrical characterization of highly conductive metals, die attach, and substrate materials
Abo Ras, M.; May, D.; Schacht, R.; Bast, M.; Eisele, R.; Michel, B.; Winkler, T.; Rzepka, R.; Wunderle, B.
Conference Paper
2015Reliability investigation and design of high power rectifier modules based on material characterization, simulation and experimental verification
Merten, E.; Essen, T. von; Luczack, F.; Otto, A.; Lunding, A.; Lürkens, P.; Bast, M.; Abo Ras, M.; Rzepka, S.
Conference Paper