Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Reducing Implementation Efforts in Continuous Auditing Certification Via an Audit API
Knoblauch, D.; Banse, C.
Conference Paper
2018Enhancing NFV Orchestration with Security Policies
Wendland, F.; Banse, C.
Conference Paper
2018Practical Decentralized Attribute-Based Delegation Using Secure Name Systems
Schanzenbach, M.; Banse, C.; Schütte, J.
Conference Paper
2017Continuous location validation of cloud service components
Stephanow, P.; Moein, M.; Banse, C.
Conference Paper
2017Evaluating the performance of continuous test-based cloud service certification
Stephanow, P.; Banse, C.
Conference Paper
2017A taxonomy-based approach for security in software-defined networking
Banse, C.; Schuette, J.
Conference Paper
2016Generating threat profiles for cloud service certification systems
Stephanow, P.; Banse, C.; Schütte, J.
Conference Paper
2016Managing and presenting user attributes over a decentralized secure name system
Schanzenbach, M.; Banse, C.
Conference Paper
2015A secure northbound interface for SDN applications
Banse, C.; Rangarajan, S.
Conference Paper
2014Demonstrating the optimal placement of virtualized cellular network functions in case of large crowd events
Gebert, S.; Hock, D.; Zinner, T.; Tran-Gia, P.; Hoffmann, M.; Jarschel, M.; Schmidt, E.-D.; Braun, R.-P.; Banse, C.; Köpsel, A.
Conference Paper
2013Behavior-based tracking: Exploiting characteristic patterns in DNS traffic
Herrmann, D.; Banse, C.; Federrath, H.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2012Android OS security: Risks and limitations
Fedler, R.; Banse, C.; Krauß, C.; Fusenig, V.
2012Tracking users on the Internet with behavioral patterns: Evaluation of its practical feasibility
Banse, C.; Herrmann, D.; Federrath, H.
Conference Paper