Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021The HSV1 Tail-Anchored Membrane Protein pUL34 Contains a Basic Motif That Supports Active Transport to the Inner Nuclear Membrane Prior to Formation of the Nuclear Egress Complex
Funk, C.; Marques da Silveira e Santos, D.; Ott, M.; Raschbichler, V.; Bailer, S.M.
Journal Article
2020Cold atmospheric plasma as antiviral therapy - effect on human herpes simplex virus type 1
Bunz, O.; Mese, K.; Funk, C.; Wulf, M.; Bailer, S.M.; Piwowarczyk, A.; Ehrhardt, A.
Journal Article
2020Patterns of autologous and nonautologous interactions between core nuclear egress complex (NEC) proteins of α-, β- and γ-herpesviruses
Häge, S.; Sonntag, E.; Borst, E.M.; Tannig, P.; Seyler, L.; Bäuerle, T.; Bailer, S.M.; Lee, C.-P.; Müller, R.; Wangen, C.; Milbradt, J.; Marschall, M.
Journal Article
2018Funktionelle Analyse der essentiellen Protease des Herpes Simplex Virus 1 und ihres nukleären Exports
Funk, Christina
: Bailer, S.M.; Jeske, H.
2017Begomoviral Movement Protein Effects in Human and Plant Cells
Krapp, S.; Schuy, C.; Greiner, E.; Stephan, I.; Alberter, B.; Funk, C.; Marschall, M.; Wege, C.; Bailer, S.M.; Kleinow, T.; Krenz, B.
Journal Article
2017Herpesviral vectors and their application in oncolytic therapy, vaccination, and gene transfer
Bailer, S.M.; Funk, C.; Riedl, A.; Ruzsics, Z.
Journal Article
2017Venture from the Interior-Herpesvirus pUL31 Escorts Capsids from Nucleoplasmic Replication Compartments to Sites of Primary Envelopment at the Inner Nuclear Membrane
Bailer, S.M.
Journal Article
2015The herpes simplex virus protein pUL31 escorts nucleocapsids to sites of nuclear egress, a process coordinated by its N-terminal domain
Funk, C.; Ott, M.; Raschbichler, V.; Nagel, C.H.; Binz, A.; Sodeik, B.; Bauerfeind, R.; Bailer, S.M.
Journal Article
2014Single-stranded DNA catalyzes hybridization of PCR-products to microarray capture probes
Dally, S.; Rupp, S.; Lemuth, K.; Hartmann, S.C.; Hiller, E.; Bailer, S.M.; Knabbe, C.; Weile, J.
Journal Article
2013Comprehensive analysis of varicella-zoster virus proteins using a new monoclonal antibody collection
Roviš, T.L.; Bailer, S.M.; Pothineni, V.R.; Ouwendijk, W.J.D.; Šimić, H.; Babić, M.; Miklić, K.; Malić, S.; Verweij, M.C.; Baiker, A.; Gonzalez, O.; Brunn, A. von; Zimmer, R.; Früh, K.; Verjans, G.M.G.M.; Jonjić, S.; Haas, J.
Journal Article
2013Determination of HSV-1 infectivity by plaque assay and a luciferase reporter cell line
Lieber, D.; Bailer, S.M.
Book Article
2013DNA-Microarrays in der Diagnostik
Dally, S.; Hartmann, S.C.; Rupp, S.; Bailer, S.M.
Journal Article
2013A high-throughput yeast two-hybrid protocol to determine virus-host protein interactions
Striebinger, H.; Koegl, M.; Bailer, S.M.
Book Article
2013Identification of human pathogenic fungi via DNA-Microarray analysis for clinical applications
Mayer, L.S.L.; Hartmann, S.C.; Cavalar, M.; Weile, J.; Rothacher, P.; Boven, K.-H.; Lemuth, K.; Bailer, S.M.; Rupp, S.
Conference Paper
201210th anniversary of the GfV workshop "Cell Biology of viral infections"
Bailer, S.M.; Wodrich, H.
Journal Article
2012Cross-presentation and genome-wide screening reveal candidate T cells antigens for a herpes simplex virus type 1 vaccine
Jing, L.; Haas, J.; Chong, T.M.; Bruckner, J.J.; Dann, G.C.; Dong, L.; Marshak, J.O.; McClurkan, C.L.; Yamamoto, T.N.; Bailer, S.M.; Laing, K.J.; Wald, A.; Verjans, G.M.; Koelle, D.M.
Journal Article
2012Identification of human pathogenic moulds and yeasts via Lab-on-a-chip system
Mayer, L.S.L.; Hartmann, S.C.; Boven, K.H.; Cavalar, M.; Rothacher, P.; Weile, J.; Bailer, S.M.; Rupp, S.
Conference Paper
2012NEX-TRAP, a novel method for in vivo analysis of nuclear export of proteins
Raschbichler, V.; Lieber, D.; Bailer, S.M.
Journal Article
2007A novel conserved nuclear localization signal is recognized by a group of yeast importins
Fries, T.; Betz, C.; Sohn, K.; Caesar, S.; Schlenstedt, G.; Bailer, S.M.
Journal Article