Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Analysis and modeling of force in orthogonal elliptical vibration cutting
Bai, W.; Sun, R.L.; Gao, Y.; Leopold, J.
Journal Article
2016Cyclic loading test of three-bay RC space frame strengthened with X-shape RC braces
Tan, H.; Huang, L.; Yan, L.; Yi, H.; Lu, Y.; Bai, W.
Journal Article
2016Electric field manipulated nanopatterns in thin films of metalorganic 3-miktoarm star terpolymers
Kathrein, C.C.; Bai, W.; Nunns, A.; Gwyther, J.; Manners, I.; Böker, A.; Tsarkova, L.; Ross, C.A.
Journal Article
2015Combining graphoepitaxy and electric fields toward uniaxial alignment of solvent-annealed polystyrene-b-poly(dimethylsiloxane) block copolymers
Kathrein, C.C.; Bai, W.; Currivan-Incorvia, J.A.; Liontos, G.; Ntetsikas, K.; Avgeropoulos, A.; Böker, A.; Tsarkova, L.; Ross, C.A.
Journal Article
2013Evaluation of current algorithms for segmentation of scar tissue from late Gadolinium enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance of the left atrium: An open-access grand challenge
Karim, R.; Housden, R.J.; Balasubramaniam, M.; Chen, Z.; Perry, D.; Uddin, A.; Al-Beyatti, Y.; Palkhi, E.; Acheampong, P.; Obom, S.; Hennemuth, A.; Lu, Y.; Bai, W.; Shi, W.; Gao, Y.; Peitgen, H.-O.; Radau, P.; Razavi, R.; Tannenbaum, A.; Rueckert, D.; Cates, J.; Schaeffter, T.; Peters, D.; MacLeod, R.; Rhode, K.
Journal Article