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2017Alternative approach for the simulation of handling processes for large textile cuttings used for high volume composite production
Dörsch, C.; Bagemiel, O.; Josyula, P.; Harsha, T.
Conference Paper
2017Handhabungsvorrichtung für biegeschlaffe Elemente
Dörsch, Christian; Bagemiel, Oliver; Sayer, Florian
2016Optimising high-throughput, automated preform production with non-linear simulation of the pick and place process for technical fabrics
Dörsch, C.; Tummala, H.; Bagemiel, O.
Conference Paper
2015Cost-optimal design and automated production of sandwich structures for wind turbine rotor blades
Wang, P.; Braun, R.; Dörsch, C.; Rosemann, H.; Sayer, F.; Bagemiel, O.; Prissok, F.; Stoll, R.; Brandes, J.; Fröse, E.
Conference Paper
2015On an integrated process and machinery concept for economic industrialized production of higher quality wind turbine rotor blades
Dörsch, C.; Rosemann, H.; Müssig, J.; Bagemiel, O.; Braun, R.; Sayer, F.
Conference Paper