Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Active ester containing surfmer for one-stage polymer nanoparticle surface functionalization in mini-emulsion polymerization
Albernaz, Vanessa L.; Bach, Monika; Weber, Achim; Southan, Alexander; Tovar, Günter
Journal Article
2018Chitosan nanoparticles via high-pressure homogenization-assisted miniemulsion crosslinking for mixed-matrix membrane adsorbers
Riegger, Benjamin; Kowalski, Regina; Hilfert, Luise; Tovar, Günter; Bach, Monika
Journal Article
2018Nano-MIP based sensor for penicillin G: Sensitive layer and analytical validation
Weber, Patricia; Riegger, Benjamin; Niedergall, Klaus; Tovar, Günter; Bach, Monika; Gauglitz, Günter
Journal Article
2017Investigations of a catalyst system regarding the foamability of polyurethanes for reactive inkjet printing
Schuster, Fabian; Ngako Ngamgoue, Fabrice; Götz, Tobias; Hirth, Thomas; Weber, Achim; Bach, Monika
Journal Article
2016clickECM - a new approach to covalently immobilize human ECM on artificial surfaces
Keller, Silke; Ruff, Sybil Mara; Bach, Monika; Kluger, Petra
2015Simulation of imprinted emulsion prepolymerization mixtures
Olsson, Gustaf D.; Niedergall, Klaus; Bach, Monika; Karlsson, Björn C.G.; Tovar, Günter; Nicholls, Ian A.
Journal Article
2014Prozessanalysetechnik in chemischen und biotechnologischen Prozessen: Biomimetischer Prozesssensor
Bach, Monika; Riegger, Benjamin; Kolarov, Felix; Hirth, Thomas; Gauglitz, Günter; Tovar, Günter
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2013Nanostructured composite adsorber membranes for the reduction of trace substances in water: The example of bisphenol A
Niedergall, Klaus; Bach, Monika; Schiestel, Thomas; Tovar, Günter
Journal Article