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2016Ethanol oxidation reaction (EOR) investigation on Pt/C, Rh/C, and Pt-based bi- and tri-metallic electrocatalysts: A DEMS and in situ FTIR study
Bach Delpeuch, A.; Maillard, F.; Chatenet, M.; Soudant, P.; Cremers, C.
Journal Article
2016Impact of water adsorbates on the acetaldehyde oxidation reaction on Pt- and Rh-based multimetallic electrocatalysts
Bach Delpeuch, A.; Cremers, C.; Chatenet, M.
Journal Article
2016The influence of mass-transport conditions on the ethanol oxidation reaction (EOR) mechanism of Pt/C electrocatalysts
Bach Delpeuch, A.; Jacquot, M.; Chatenet, M.; Cremers, C.
Journal Article
2015Electrocatalyst for direct alcohol fuel cells
Cremers, Carsten; Jurzinsky, Tilman; Bach Delpeuch, A.; Niether, C.; Jung, Florina; Pinkwart, Karsten; Tübke, Jens
Conference Paper
2014Electrooxidation of ethanol at room temperature on carbon-supported Pt and Rh-containing catalysts: A DEMS study
Bach Delpeuch, A.; Asset, T.; Chatenet, M.; Cremers, C.
Journal Article
2014Mass spectrometric investigation of ethanol and acetaldehyde adsorbates electrooxidation on Pt electrocatalyst
Bach Delpeuch, A.; Chatenet, M.; Cremers, C.; Tübke, T.
Journal Article