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2018Crack propagation in PE-HD induced by environmental stress cracking (ESC) analyzed by several imaging techniques
Schilling, Markus; Niebergall, Ute; Alig, Ingo; Oehler, Harald; Lellinger, Dirk; Meinel, Dietmar; Böhning, Martin
Journal Article
2017Environmental stress cracking of polyethylene high density (PE-HD) induced by liquid media - validation and verification of the full-notch creep test (FNCT)
Schilling, M.; Böhning, M.; Oehler, Harald; Alig, Ingo; Niebergall, U.
Journal Article
2013Gas sorption isotherms in swelling glassy polymers - detailed atomistic simulations
Hölck, Ole; Böhning, Martin; Heuchel, Matthias; Siegert, Martin R.; Hofmann, Dieter
Journal Article
2008Knowledge-based approach to gas sorption in glassy polymers by combining experimental and molecular simulation techniques
Heuchel, M.; Hölck, O.; Böhning, M.; Siegert, M.R.; Hofmann, D.
Conference Paper
2008Simulation of Experimentally Observed Dilation Phenomena During Integral Gas Sorption in Glassy Polymers
Hölck, O.; Heuchel, M.; Böhning, M.; Hofmann, D.
Journal Article