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2011Shock experiments in support of the Lithopanspermia theory: The influence of host rock composition, temperature, and shock pressure on the survival rate of endolithic and epilithic microorganisms
Meyer, C.; Fritz, J.; Misgaiski, M.; Stöffler, D.; Artemieva, N.A.; Hornemann, U.; Moeller, R.; Vera, J.-P. de; Cockell, C.; Horneck, G.; Ott, S.; Rabbow, E.
Journal Article
2008Microbial rock inhabitants survive hypervelocity impacts on Mars-like host planets
Horneck, G.; Stoffler, D.; Ott, S.; Hornemann, U.; Cockell, C.S.; Möller, R.; Meyer, C.; Vera, J.P. de; Fritz, J.; Schade, S.; Artemieva, N.A.
Journal Article
2007Experimental evidence for the potential impact ejection of viable microorganisms from Mars and Mars-like planets
Stöffler, D.; Horneck, G.; Ott, S.; Hornemann, U.; Cockell, C.S.; Moeller, R.; Meyer, C.; Vera, J.-P. de; Fritz, J.; Artemieva, N.A.
Journal Article
2007Impact experiments in support of "Lithopanspermia"
Stöffler, D.; Meyer, C.; Fritz, J.; Horneck, G.; Möller, R.; Cockell, C.S.; Ott, S.; Vera, J.P. de; Hornemann, U.; Artemieva, N.A.
Conference Paper