Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Exploratory game play to support language learning: Dinner talk
Jantke, K.P.; Arnold, O.; Bosecker, T.
Conference Paper
2014Patterns - the key to game amusement studies
Jantke, K.P.; Arnold, O.
Conference Paper
2013Aliens on the Bus: A family of pervasive games
Jantke, K.P.; Arnold, O.; Spundflasch, S.
Conference Paper
2013Hierarchies of pervasive games by storyboarding
Arnold, O.; Jantke, K.P.; Spundflasch, S.
Conference Paper
2012Exploring and understanding the abstract by direct manipulation of the concrete
Arnold, O.; Fujima, J.; Jantke, K.P.; Tanaka, Y.
Conference Paper
2012Media multiplicity at your fingertips: Direct manipulation based on Webbles
Fujima, J.; Jantke, K.P.; Arnold, O.
Conference Paper
2012Memetic communication media - Concepts, technologies, applications
Jantke, K.P.; Fujima, J.; Arnold, O.; Schulz, A.
Conference Paper
2012Monotonic plan generation assistance. Challenges, open problems & solutions
Arnold, O.; Jantke, K.P.
Conference Paper
2010The reach of dynamic plan generation for enterprise planning Web services
Arnold, O.; Jantke, K P.; Vogler, C.; Beick, H.-R.; Opfermann, J.
Conference Paper