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2019The Integration of Algal Carbon Concentration Mechanism Components into Tobacco Chloroplasts Increases Photosynthetic Efficiency and Biomass
Nölke, G.; Barsoum, M.; Houdelet, M.; Arcalis, E.; Kreuzaler, F.; Fischer, R.; Schillberg, S.
Journal Article
2019Russell-like bodies in plant seeds share common features with prolamin bodies and occur upon recombinant protein production
Arcalis, E.; Ibl, V.; Hilscher, J.; Rademacher, T.; Avesani, L.; Morandini, F.; Bortesi, L.; Pezzotti, M.; Vitale, A.; Pum, D.; Meyer, T. de; Depicker, A.; Stoger, E.
Journal Article
2013Plant species and organ influence the structure and subcellular localization of recombinant glycoproteins
Arcalis, E.; Stadlmann, J.; Rademacher, T.; Marcel, S.; Sack, M.; Altmann, F.; Stoger, E.
Journal Article
2011From recombinant proteins to plant-made-pharmaceuticals
Stoger, E.; Rademacher, T.; Arcalis, E.; Sack, M.; Stiegler, G.; Altmann, F.; Fischer, R.
Journal Article
2010The changing fate of a secretory glycoprotein in developing maize endosperm
Arcalis, E.; Stadlmann, J.; Marcel, S.; Drakakaki, G.; Winter, V.; Rodriguez, J.; Fischer, R.; Altmann, F.; Stoger, E.
Journal Article
2009Influence of elastin-like peptide fusions on the quantity and quality of a tobacco-derived human immunodeficiency virus-neutralizing antibody
Floss, D.M.; Sack, M.; Arcalis, E.; Stadlmann, J.; Quendler, H.; Rademacher, T.; Stoger, E.; Scheller, J.; Fischer, R.; Conrad, U.
Journal Article
2006The intracellular fate of a recombinant protein is tissue-dependent
Drakakaki, G.; Marcel, S.; Arcalis, E.; Altmann, F.; Gonzalez-Melendi, P.; Fischer, R.; Christou, P.; Stoger, E.
Journal Article
2004Unexpected deposition patterns of recombinant proteins in post-endoplasmic reticulum compartments of wheat endosperm
Arcalis, E.; Marcel, S.; Altmann, F.; Kolarich, D.; Drakakaki, G.; Fischer, R.; Christou, P.; Stoger, E.
Journal Article