Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021A modified Weibull model for service life prediction and spare parts forecast in heat treatment industry
Kovacs, Klaudia; Ansari, Fazel; Sihn, Wilfried
Journal Article
2020A conceptual model to enable prescriptive maintenance for etching equipment in semiconductor manufacturing
Biebl, Fabian; Glawar, Robert; Jalali, Anahid; Ansari, Fazel; Haslhofer, Bernhard; Boer, Peter de; Sihn, Wilfried
Journal Article
2020Prescriptive Maintenance of CPPS by Integrating Multimodal Data with Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Ansari, Fazel; Glawar, Robert; Sihn, Wilfried
Conference Paper
2019Conceptual Design of an Integrated Autonomous Production Control Model in association with a Prescriptive Maintenance Model (PriMa)
Glawar, Robert; Ansari, Fazel; Kardos, Csaba; Matyas, Kurt; Sihn, Wilfried
Journal Article
2019A Maturity Assessment Procedure Model for Realizing Knowledge-Based Maintenance Strategies in Smart Manufacturing Enterprises
Nemeth, Tanja; Ansari, Fazel; Sihn, Wilfried
Journal Article
2019A Process Model for Enhancing Digital Assistance in Knowledge-Based Maintenance
Kovacs, Klaudia; Ansari, Fazel; Geisert, Claudio; Uhlmann, E.; Glawar, Robert; Sihn, Wilfried
Conference Paper
2018Human-Centered Cyber-Physical Production System: How Does Industry 4.0 impact on Decision Making Tasks?
Ansari, Fazel; Hold, Philipp; Sihn, Wilfried
Conference Paper
2018Lead time prediction using machine learning algorithms: A case study by a semiconductor manufacturer
Lingitz, Lukas; Gallina, Viola; Ansari, Fazel; Gyulai, Dávid; Pfeiffer, András; Sihn, Wilfried; Monostori, László
Journal Article
2018PriMa-X: A reference model for realizing prescriptive maintenance and assessing its maturity enhanced by machine learning
Nemeth, Tanja; Ansari, Fazel; Sihn, Wilfried; Haslhofer, Bernhard; Schindler, Alexander
Journal Article
2018A problem-solving ontology for human-centered cyber physical production systems
Ansari, Fazel; Khobreh, Marjan; Seidenberg, Ulrich; Sihn, Wilfried
Journal Article
2018Rethinking Human-Machine Learning in Industry 4.0: How Does the Paradigm Shift Treat the Role of Human Learning?
Ansari, Fazel; Erol, Selim; Sihn, Wilfried
Journal Article
2017Qualitätsmanagement in der additiven Fertigung
Seidenberg, Ulrich; Ansari, Fazel
Book Article