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2019TEAM applications for Collaborative Road Mobility
Bellotti, Francesco; Kopetzki, Sven; Berta, Riccardo; Paranthaman, P.K.; Dange, Gautam Ravindra; Lytrivis, Panagiotis; Amditis, Angelos J.; Raffero, Mattia; Aittoniemi, Elina; Basso, Rafael; Radusch, Ilja; Gloria, Alessandro de
Journal Article
2014Tomorrow's transport infrastructure. From static to elastic mobility
Amditis, A.; Lytrivis, P.; Karaseitanidis, I.; Prandtstetter, M.; Radusch, I.
Conference Paper
2010A situation-adaptive lane-keeping support system: Overview of the SAFELANE approach
Amditis, A.; Bimpas, M.; Thomaidis, G.; Tsogas, M.; Netto, M.; Mammar, S.; Beutner, A.; Möhler, N.; Wirthgen, T.; Zipser, S.; Etemad, A.; Lio, M. da; Cicilloni, R.
Journal Article
2008Future scenarios of mixed reality
Amditis, A.; Karaseitanidis, I.; Bimpas, M.; Blach, R.
Journal Article
2007Introducing an innovative and efficient seat user interface for professional drivers
Amditis, A.; Karaseitanidis, I.; Bekiaris, E.; Sartor, S.; Ronnefahrt, J.; Dangelmaier, M.
Journal Article
2006Human centred design of 3-D interaction devices to control virtual environments
Patel, H.; Stefani, O.; Sharples, S.; Hoffmann, H.; Karaseitanidis, I.; Amditis, A.
Journal Article
2004Safeguard seat
Hostens, I.; Amditis, A.; Stefani, O.; Dangelmaier, M.; Bekiaris, E.; Schaerli, H.; Bullinger, A.; Ramon, H.
Journal Article
2003Advanced user interface for the SAFEGUARD professional driver seat
Amditis, A.; Karaseitanidis, I.; Stefani, O.; Sartor, S.
Book Article
2003Interaction with human models in virtual environments
Dangelmaier, M.; Stefani, O.; Amditis, A.
Conference Paper
2003Warning strategies adaption in a collision avoidance/vision enhanced system
Polychronopoulos, A.; Kempf, D.; Martinetto, M.; Amditis, A.; Widlroither, H.; Cacciabue, P.; Andreone, L.
Conference Paper
2002Application of simulation technique on ergonomy and user interface development for a combine harvester and a truck seat to meet driver's needs, within safeguard project
Bekiaris, E.; Amditis, A.; Sartor, S.; Dangelmaier, M.
Conference Paper
2002An application of the human centred design approach to the interaction between the driver and the vehicle
Andreone, L.; Eschler, J.; Kempf, D.; Widlroither, H.; Amditis, A.; Cacciabue, P.C.
Conference Paper
2002Design of human machine interface for an advanced driver monitoring system
Bekiaris, E.; Haberhauer, M.; Dangelmaier, M.; Amditis, A.
Conference Paper
2002Ergonomic evaluation with human models in virtual environments
Bauer, W.; Bullinger, H.-J.; Dangelmaier, M.; Amditis, A.
Conference Paper