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1995A Raman spectroscopic study of the Si, Be, and C incorporation in InxGa1-xAs relaxed layers
Alvarez, A.-L.; Calle, F.; Sacedon, A.; Calleja, E.; Munoz, E.; Wagner, J.; Maier, M.; Mazuelas, A.; Ploog, K.H.
Journal Article
1994Interface formation and surface Fermi level pinning in GaSb and InSb grown on GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy
Wagner, J.; Alvarez, A.-L.; Schmitz, J.; Ralston, J.D.; Koidl, P.
Conference Paper
1993Characterization of heterointerfaces and surfaces in InSb on GaAs and in InAs/AlSb quantum wells
Schmitz, J.; Alvarez, A.-L.; Koidl, P.; Ralston, J.D.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article
1993Surface Fermi level pinning in epitaxial InSb studied by electric-field-induced Raman scattering.
Alvarez, A.-L.; Schmitz, J.; Ralston, J.D.; Koidl, P.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article