Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017GazeTouchPIN: Protecting sensitive data on mobile devices using secure multimodal authentication
Khamis, M.; Hassib, M.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Bulling, A.; Alt, F.
Conference Paper
2017Understanding shoulder surfing in the wild: Stories from users and observers
Eiband, M.; Khamis, M.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Hussmann, H.; Alt, F.
Conference Paper
2016GazeTouchPass: Multimodal authentication using gaze and touch on mobile devices
Khamis, M.; Alt, F.; Hassib, M.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Hasholzner, R.; Bulling, A.
Conference Paper
2016On quantifying the effective password space of grid-based unlock gestures
Zezschwitz, E. von; Eiband, M.; Buschek, D.; Oberhuber, S.; Luca, A. de; Alt, F.; Hussmann, H.
Conference Paper
2016SnapApp: Reducing authentication overhead with a time-constrained fast unlock option
Buschek, D.; Hartmann, F.; Zezschwitz, E. von; Luca, A. de; Alt, F.
Conference Paper
2011Audience behavior around large interactive cylindrical screens
Beyer, G.; Alt, F.; Müller, J.; Schmidt, A.; Isakovic, K.; Klose, S.; Schiewe, M.; Haulsen, I.
Conference Paper
2010Characterization methods for determination of temperature depended electrical, thermal, mechanical and fatigue properties of SnAg3.5 solder
Roellig, M.; Metasch, R.; Meier, K.; Alt, F.
Conference Paper
2007Monitoring heartbeat per day to motivate increasing physical activity
Alt, F.; Sahami Shirazi, A.; Schmidt, A.
Conference Paper
2000Exposure-effect relationship of platinum salt allergy in a catalyst production plant
Merget, R.; Kulzer, R.; Dierkes-Globisch, A.; Breitstadt, R.; Gebler, A.; Kniffka, A.; Artelt, S.; Koenig, H.P.; Alt, F.; Vormberg, R.; Baur, X.; Schultze-Werninghaus, G.
Journal Article