Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021A 3D process simulation model for wet compression moulding
Poppe, Christian T.; Krauß, Constantin; Albrecht, Fabian; Kärger, Luise
Journal Article
2020A 3D modelling approach for fluid progression during process simulation of wet compression moulding - motivation & approach
Poppe, Christian; Albrecht, Fabian; Krauß, Constantin; Kärger, Luise
Journal Article
2020Biotechnological Production of Odor-Active Methyl-Branched Aldehydes by a Novel α-Dioxygenase from Crocosphaera subtropica
Hammer, A.K.; Albrecht, F.; Hahne, F.; Jordan, P.; Fraatz, M.A.; Ley, J.; Geissler, T.; Schrader, J.; Zorn, H.; Buchhaupt, M.
Journal Article
2019Development of a modular draping test bench for analysis of infiltrated woven fabrics in wet compression molding
Albrecht, F.; Zimmerling, C.; Poppe, C.; Kärger, L.; Henning, F.
Conference Paper
2014Planning and optimization of changeable production systems by applying an integrated system dynamic and discrete event simulation approach
Albrecht, F.; Kleine, O.; Abele, E.
Journal Article
2003Identification of a Br-correlated bandgap state in GaAs by radiotracer spectroscopy
Albrecht, F.; Pasold, G.; Grillenberger, J.; Achtziger, N.; Witthuhn, W.; Risse, M.; Vianden, R.; Dietrich, M.
Journal Article
2001Radiotracer investigation of a deep Be-related band gap state in 4H-SiC
Achtziger, N.; Albrecht, F.; Grillenberger, J.; Pasold, G.; Witthuhn, W.
Journal Article