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2019Effective breaking of the action-reaction principle using spatial solitons
Alberucci, A.; Jisha, C.P.; Peschel, U.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article
2019Embedded nanograting-based waveplates for polarization control in integrated photonic circuits
Lammers, K.; Ehrhardt, M.; Malendevych, T.; Xu, X.; Vetter, C.; Alberucci, A.; Szameit, A.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article
2019Generation of multiple solitons using competing nonlocal nonlinearities
Jisha, C.P.; Beeckman, J.; Acker, F. van; Neyts, K.; Nolte, S.; Alberucci, A.
Journal Article
2019Self-Trapping of Light Using the Pancharatnam-Berry Phase
Jisha, C.P.; Alberucci, A.; Beeckman, J.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article
2018Interplay between multiple scattering and optical nonlinearity in liquid crystals
Alberucci, A.; Jisha, C.P.; Bolis, S.; Beeckman, J.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article
2018Photonic potential for TM waves
Alberucci, A.; Jisha, C.P.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article
2018Temporal dynamics of light written waveguides in unbiased liquid crystals
Alberucci, A.; Barboza, R.; Jisha, C.P.; Nolte, S.
Journal Article