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20193D-CFD analysis of the effect of cooling via minitubes on the performance of a three-fluid combined membrane contactor
Afrasiabian, E.; Iliev, O.; Shklyar, I.; Prill, T.; Isetti, C.; Lazzari, S.
Journal Article
2019Investigation on the Performance of a Compact Three-Fluid Combined Membrane Contactor for Dehumidification in Electric Vehicles
Afrasiabian, E.; Iliev, O.; Shklyar, I.; Lazzari, S.; Boero, F.
Journal Article
2018Numerical Simulation of Frost Formation on a Plate-Fin Evaporator
Afrasiabian, E.; Iliev, O.; Lazzari, S.; Isetti, C.
Conference Paper
2010A Study of Various Numerical Turbulence Modeling Methods in Boundary Layer Excitation of a Square Ribbed Channel
Saberinejad, Hojjat; Hashiehbaf, Adel; Afrasiabian, Ehsan
Journal Article