Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Are they Calling my Name? Attention Capture is Reflected in the Neural Tracking of Attended and Ignored Speech
Holtze, Björn; Jaeger, Manuela; Debener, Stefan; Adiloglu, Kamil; Mirkovic, Bojana
Journal Article
2017Multi-Channel Speech Enhancement and Amplitude Modulation Analysis for Noise Robust Automatic Speech Recognition
Moritz, N.; Adiloglu, K.; Anemüller, J.; Goetze, S.; Kollmeier, B.
Journal Article
2015A CHiME-3 challenge system: Long-term acoustic features for noise robust automatic speech recognition
Moritz, N.; Gerlach, S.; Adiloglu, K.; Anemulle, J.; Kollmeier, B.; Goetze, S.
Conference Paper
2013On the use of spectro-temporal features for the IEEE AASP challenge 'detection and classification of acoustic scenes and events'
Schröder, J.; Moritz, N.; Schädler, M.R.; Cauchi, B.; Adiloglu, K.; Anemüller, J.; Doclo, S.; Kollmeier, B.; Goetze, S.
Conference Paper