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2014The common implementation framework as service - towards novel applications for streamlined presentation of 3D content on the web
Aderhold, Andreas; Wilkosinska, Katarzyna; Corsini, Massimiliano; Jung, Yvonne; Graf, Holger; Kuijper, Arjan
Conference Paper
2014Towards more expressive rendering in X3D
Jung, Yvonne; Michaelis, Nils; Aderhold, Andreas; Wilkosinska, Katarzyna
Conference Paper
2013Distributed 3D model optimization for the web with the common implementation framework for online virtual museums
Aderhold, Andreas; Jung, Yvonne; Wilkosinska, Katarzyna; Fellner, Dieter W.
Conference Paper
2013Towards a common implementation framework for online virtual museums
Wilkosinska, Katarzyna; Aderhold, Andreas; Graf, Holger; Jung, Yvonne
Conference Paper
2011Dynamic and interactive aspects of X3DOM
Behr, Johannes; Jung, Yvonne; Drevensek, Timm; Aderhold, Andreas
Conference Paper