Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Direct Correlation of Nanoscale Morphology and Device Performance to Study Photocurrent Generation in Donor-Enriched Phases of Polymer Solar Cells
Ben Dkhil, S.; Perkhun, P.; Luo, C.; Müller, D.; Alkarsifi, R.; Barulina, E.; Avalos Quiroz, Y.A.; Margeat, O.; Thierry Dubas, S.; Koganezawa, T.; Kuzuhara, D.; Yoshimoto, N.; Caddeo, C.; Mattoni, A.; Zimmermann, B.; Würfel, U.; Pfannmöller, M.; Bals, S.; Ackermann, J.; Videlot-Ackermann, C.
Journal Article
2020Visualizing Morphological Principles for Efficient Photocurrent Generation in Organic Non-Fullerene Acceptor Blends
Köntges, W.; Perkhun, P.; Kammerer, J.; Alkarsifi, R.; Würfel, U.; Margeat, O.; Videlot-Ackermann, C.; Simon, J.-J.; Schröder, R.R.; Ackermann, J.; Pfannmöller, M.
Journal Article
2019Integrated Expansion Strategies for Public Charging Infrastructure in Cities
Sprengeler, M.; Nguyen, P.; Matulla, K.; Ackermann, J.; Stryi-Hipp, G.
Conference Paper
2018Correct determination of charge transfer state energy from luminescence spectra in organic solar cells
List, M.; Sarkar, T.; Perkhun, P.; Ackermann, J.; Luo, C.; Würfel, U.
Journal Article
2014Gastrointestinal absorption processes of substances: Do they have an impact on bioaccumulation?
Zwintscher, Ariane; Hahn, Stefan; Kühne, R.; Schuurmann, G.; Drost, W.; Ackermann, J.; Joehncke, U.; Schlechtriem, C.; Nendza, M.
2014Multi-view photometric stereo by example
Ackermann, Jens; Langguth, Fabian; Fuhrmann, Simon; Kuijper, Arjan; Goesele, Michael
Conference Paper
2012Consensus multi-view photometric stereo
Beljan, Mate; Ackermann, Jens; Goesele, Michael
Conference Paper
2012Photometric stereo for outdoor webcams
Ackermann, Jens; Langguth, Fabian; Fuhrmann, Simon; Goesele, Michael
Conference Paper
2012Removing the example from example-based photometric stereo
Ackermann, Jens; Ritz, Martin; Stork, André; Goesele, Michael
Conference Paper
2011Multi-view photometric stereo using a normal consistency approach
Beljan, Mate
: Goesele, Michael (Betreuer); Ackermann, Jens (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2010Ambient point clouds for view interpolation
Goesele, Michael; Ackermann, Jens; Fuhrmann, Simon; Haubold, Carsten; Klowsky, Ronny; Steedly, Drew; Szeliski, Richard
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2010Direct resampling for isotropic surface remeshing
Fuhrmann, Simon; Ackermann, Jens; Kalbe, Thomas; Goesele, Michael
Conference Paper
2010Potential of the competence-cell-based approach for services in co-operative networks
Rosteck, A.; Mayrhofer, W.; Sihn, W.; Ackermann, J.; Riedel, R.; Mueller, E.
Conference Paper
2010Scene reconstruction from community photo collections
Goesele, Michael; Ackermann, Jens; Fuhrmann, Simon; Klowsky, Ronny; Langguth, Fabian; Muecke, Patrick; Ritz, Martin
Journal Article
2009A combined multi-view stereo and photometric stereo approach
Ritz, Martin
: Ackermann, Jens (Betreuer); Goesele, Michael (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2009Massively-Parallel Simulation of Biochemical Systems
Ackermann, Jens; Baecher, Paul; Franzel, Thorsten; Goesele, Michael; Hamacher, Kay
Conference Paper
2008Single molecule detection for in vitro diagnostics
Kirner, T.; Ackermann, J.; Mathis, H.P.; Greiner, B.; Tonn, T.; Tschachojan, D.; Kukoc-Zivojnov, N.; Giehring, S.
Conference Paper
2008Single molecules in fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy: Effective volume and photon counting histogram
Ackermann, J.; Mathis, H.; Greiner, B.
Conference Paper
2005Optimization and design of oligonucleotide setup for strand displacement amplification
Ehses, S.; Ackermann, J.; McCaskill, J.S.
Journal Article
2004Experimental comparison of DNA libraries using microelectronic arrays
Rucker, T.; Ackermann, J.
Conference Paper
2003DNA library design for molecular computation
Penchovsky, R.; Ackermann, J.
Journal Article
2003Pattern selection in a cooperative biochemical in-vitro amplification system - the role of parasites
Kirner, T.; Ackermann, J.
Journal Article
2003Vom Fertigungsplatz zur Kompetenzzelle
Wirth, S.; Näser, P.; Ackermann, J.; Wieland, P.
Journal Article
2003Word Design for Biomolecular Information Processing
Ackermann, J.; Gast, F.-U.
Journal Article
2002Biochemical amplification waves in a one-dimensional microflow system
Kirner, T.; Steen, D.; McCaskill, J.S.; Ackermann, J.
Journal Article
2001Parallel random number generator for inexpensive conficurable hardware cells
Ackermann, J.; Tangen, U.; Boedekker, B.; Breyer, J.; Stoll, E.; McCaskill, J.S.
Journal Article
2001Steady flow micro-reactor module for pipelined DNA computations
McCaskill, J.S.; Penchovsky, R.; Gohlke, M.; Ackermann, J.; Rücker, T.
Conference Paper
2000Complex patterns in a trans-cooperatively coupled DNA amplification system
Kirner, T.; Ackermann, J.; Steen, D.; Ehricht, R.; Ellinger, T.; Foerster, P.; McCaskill, J.S.
Journal Article
1999Comment on: accurate adiabatic potentials of the two lowest singlett sigma gerade plus states of He2++
Ackermann, J.; Hogreve, H.
Journal Article
1999Molekulare Konstruktionssysteme - die Evolution eines Codes
Altmeyer, S.; Füchslin, R.; Tangen, U.; Ackermann, J.; McCaskill, J.S.
Journal Article
1999Parasites and Pattern Formation
Ackermann, J.; Kirner, T.
Journal Article
1986Evaluation of incident overpressure and stagnation pressure measurements.
Guerke, G.; Ackermann, J.
Conference Proceedings