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2016Review of percolating and neck-based underfills with thermal conductivities up to 3 W/m-K
Brunschwiler, T.; Zürcher, J.; Zimmermann, S.; Burg, B.R.; Schlottig, G.; Chen, X.; Sinha, T.; Baum, M.; Hofmann, C.; Pantou, R.; Achen, A.; Zschenderlein, U.; Kumar, S.; Wunderle, B.; Haupt, M.; Schindler-Saefkow, F.; Strässle, R.
Conference Paper
2006Aqueous-base-developable benzocyclobutene (BCB)-based material curable in air
So, Y.-H.; Stark, E.J.; Li, Y.; Kisting, S.; Achen, A.; Baranek, K.; Scheck, D.; Hetzner, J.; Folkenroth, J.J.; Töpper, M.; Baumgartner, T.
Journal Article
2005Capacitive humidity sensors based on oxidized photoBCB polymer films: Enhanced sensitivity and response time
Tetelin, A.; Pellet, C.; Achen, A.; Toepper, M.
Conference Paper
2005Water solubility and diffusivity in BCB resins used in microelectronic packaging and sensor applications
Tetelin, A.; Achen, A.; Pouget, V.; Pellet, C.; Töpper, M.; Lachaud, J.-L.
Conference Paper
2003Interfacial adhesion analysis of BCB / TiW / Cu / PbSn technology in wafer level packaging
Töpper, M.; Achen, A.; Reichl, H.
Conference Paper
1994Thinfilm multichip modules - Process development using photosensitive benzocyclobutane
Chmiel, G.; Töpper, M.; Jöhren, C.; Achen, A.
Conference Paper