Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Never ever or no matter what: Investigating adoption intentions and misconceptions about the corona-warn-app in Germany
Häring, M.; Gerlitz, E.; Tiefenau, C.; Smith, M.; Wermke, D.; Fahl, S.; Acar, Y.
Conference Paper
2017Stack overflow considered harmful? The impact of copy&paste on Android application security
Fischer, F.; Böttinger, K.; Xiao, H.; Stransky, C.; Acar, Y.; Backes, M.; Fahl, S.
Conference Paper
2016An empirical study of textual key-fingerprint representations
Dechand, S.; Schürmann, D.; Busse, K.; Acar, Y.; Fahl, S.; Smith, M.
Conference Paper
2016SoK: Lessons Learned from Android Security Research For Appified Software Platforms
Acar, Yasemin; Backes, Michael; Bugiel, Sven; Fahl, Sascha; McDaniel, Patrick; Smith, Matthew
Conference Paper
2015To Pin or Not to Pin - Helping App Developers Bullet Proof Their TLS Connections
Oltrogge, M.; Acar, Y.; Dechand, S.; Smith, M.; Fahl, S.
Conference Paper
2015VCCFinder: Finding potential vulnerabilities in open-source projects to assist code audits
Perl, H.; Dechand, S.; Smith, M.; Arp, D.; Yamaguchi, F.; Rieck, K.; Fahl, S.; Acar, Y.
Conference Paper