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2017Analysis of effects and usage indicators for a ICT-based fall prevention system in community dwelling older adults
Vaziri, D.D.; Aal, K.; Gschwind, Y.J.; Delbaere, K.; Weibert, A.; Annegarn, J.; Rosario, H. de; Wieching, R.; Randall, D.; Wulf, V.
Journal Article
2017Computerclubs  und  Flüchtlingslager
Stickel, O.; Aal, K.; Schorch, M.; Hornung, D.; Boden, A.; Wulf, A.; Pipek, V.
Book Article
2017Creating Environmental Awareness with Upcycling Making Activities
Weibert, A.; Mouratidis, M.; Khateb, R.; Rüller, S.; Hosak, M.; Potka, S.; Aal, K.; Wulf, V.
Conference Paper
2017Refugees & HCI Workshop
Talhouk, R.; Vlachokyriakos, V.; Weibert, A.; Aal, K.; Ahmed, S.I.; Fisher, K.; Wulf, V.
Conference Paper
2013Fighting against the wall. Social media use by political activists in a Palestinian village
Wulf, V.; Aal, K.; Abu-Kteish, I.; Atam, M.; Schubert, K.; Yarousis, G.P.; Randall, D.; Rohde, M.
Conference Paper